Maze Commander

Maze Commander

Maze commander is a cooperative game developed to research user communication.

The game is for 2 players, one using the Oculus Rift and the other one using the Sifteo Cubes

The objective of the goal is to be able to go through a maze without dying. In order to do this, players must communicate.

The player with the Oculus Rift has a 3d view of the stage, while the player with the Sifteo cubes has a much more limited view of the maze limited to 1 tile, but he can manipulate the other sifteo cubes to create a path for the avatar to follow, however, there are enemies in the game, so the player with the Oculus Rift has to communicate with the other player to let him know what kind of tiles are around him and when is it safe to move.

The results of the research were published at CHI Play 2014.

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